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How to Download Ringtones from Google – Best Ringtones Net – bestringtones.net


Sung A Chin

For Android users seeking to personalize their devices with unique ringtones, Google Play Music offers a convenient platform. With its wide selection and accessibility, Google Play Music simplifies the process of acquiring new tunes. In this guide, we’ll explore two methods to download and set Google Play Music tracks as your Android ringtone.

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Method 1: Setting a Song from Google Play Music Using an SD Card

Step 1: Downloading to an SD Card

Begin by accessing Google Play Music and navigating to Settings. Select “Storage location” and opt for “External” if your phone has an SD card. Locate your desired tune and download it to your SD card, ensuring a Wi-Fi connection for efficient downloading.

how to download ringtones from google – Best Ringtones Net

Step 2: Locating the Song on Your SD Card

Use a File Manager app to locate the downloaded song on your SD card. If your device lacks a preinstalled File Manager, download one from Google Play. Navigate to Android > data > com.google.android.music > files > music. Identify the downloaded file, which may be labeled with a number rather than the song name.

Step 3: Copying to Ringtones Folder

Select the correct file and choose “Copy.” Navigate to Phone storage > Ringtones and paste the file into this folder.

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Step 4: Setting the Ringtone

Access Settings, then Sound, and finally Ringtone to find your newly added file at the top of the list.

Method 2: Setting a Song from Google Play Music Using a PC or Mac

Step 1: Downloading to Your Computer

If your device lacks an SD card, download the desired track from Google Play Music to your PC or Mac. Visit play.google.com/music, select “My Library,” then “Songs.”

how to download ringtones from google – bestringtones.net

Step 2: Transferring to Your Phone

Hover over the chosen track, click the three horizontal dots, and select “Download.” Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. For Mac users, utilize Android File Transfer. Access the phone’s Internal storage, open the Ringtones folder, and drag and drop the MP3 file into it.

Step 3: Setting the Ringtone

Once transferred, navigate to Settings, Sound, and Ringtone to locate and select your newly added file.


With these straightforward methods, customizing your Android ringtone with tracks from Google Play Music becomes a seamless process. Enjoy the freedom to express your style through personalized ringtones.

For further customization tips, explore our guide on selecting specific portions of a song for your ringtone.

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